Cash Flow Planner: How much will you spend in retirement?

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You may be thinking....."I want to retire early, but I just don't know how much I'm going to spend."

An early retirement is attractive to many for various reasons, but the majority want to take advantage of a time they have optimal energy and health. I want to help you make the most out of these years and feel confident for the remainder of your retirement.
The real risk I see is that you keep working unnecessarily and don't start spending valuable time doing what you care about most because of your finances, specifically if you're concerned about the cost of retiring early. It is a cost that will certainly vary throughout retirement, but starting here is the first step to gaining confidence.
About the Creator
Ari Taublieb is an MBA and Certified Financial PlannerĀ®. He's the Vice President and Financial Planner at Root Financial Partners. Ari is also the host of the Early Retirement podcast.

Ari specializes in helping people invest, save on taxes, and create an overall financial strategy to get the most life out of their money.

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