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Your situation is unique and the goals you have require more than cookie-cutter solutions.

Financial Planning & Investment Management

Have you ever met with a financial advisor before? If so, they may have started the meeting with a sales pitch on why you need whole life insurance. Or maybe they started showing you stock market charts until your eyes glazed over.

If you’ve experienced that before, you’re not alone. That’s what most people think financial planning is.

The foundation of the work we do is based on the fact that your situation is unique and the goals you have require more than cookie-cutter solutions.

Your money is a tool to help you accomplish what’s really most important to you. As we begin working with clients we start with a process-driven approach that’s designed to show you a clear path from where you are today to where you want to be.

Our Process

Step 1: Define Your Goals

We take the time to understand your unique situation and your goals. We know that if we want to help you make the most of your money then we first need to know what you want your money to do for you.

Step 2: Discover Your Strategy

Next we show you the long-term trajectory of your current financial decisions and investments. We identify things you are doing well already, and we also point out areas of your finances we think you can improve.

Step 3: Implement Your Plan

By now we’ve identified the long-term strategy that works best for you and the adjustments you need to make to optimize your plan. This is the point at which we identify specific steps you need to take to begin moving toward your goals.

Case Studies

Tom and Sally

Do we have enough to retire?

Tom and Sally had maxed out 401(k) plans, paid down their mortgage, and had other investment accounts, the problem was they had no idea how to manage their investments in a way that would support their income for the rest of their lives.

Together we created a customized investment strategy giving them the ability to know that their retirement savings are protected and they have more than enough to comfortably support themselves for the rest of their lives.

Brian and Tina

Tom and Sally

Can we get more from our money?

Brian and Tina weren’t worried about having enough money to retire. He had sold his business for a healthy amount and she had a pension from her years of service as a teacher. Between the pension and the business proceeds they knew they would be just fine.

So what was the problem? They had worked hard for their money and they wanted to make sure it was doing the same for them. Their investments were with one of the big banks and they didn’t feel as if they were getting personalized service or proper management of their money.

Best Fit Scenarios


People approaching retirement with at least $500,000 in their portfolio


High income professionals with annual incomes north of $300,000/year

The upfront cost of these services typically ranges from $1,000 – $3,000 as a one-time fee, although we waive the right to waive this in certain scenarios.

From there we typically help people to manage their investment portfolios to ensure they stay in alignment with their financial plan. The fee for ongoing management of client portfolios is generally between 0.50% – 1.25% per year. This fee covers both the portfolio management and the ongoing financial planning.

In some cases we will charge a fixed annual fee instead of a percentage of a client’s portfolio.

Root Financial Partners

We meet regularly to ensure we stay on top of your plan, quickly adapting to change as your life changes.

A Breakdown of Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services:

Retirement planning

Social Security planning

Healthcare and Medicare planning

Budgeting and cash flow planning

Insurance and risk management planning

Tax planning

Estate and family protection planning

Investment Advisory Services:

Direct access to an investment manager that knows you and your unique goals

Ongoing portfolio review, rebalancing, and tax-loss harvesting

Professional management of globally diversified and tax-efficient portfolios constructed with institutional funds

Investment portfolios managed to your specific goals and comfort level with risk

Investment education designed to teach you the fundamentals of investing and the optimal way to construct your own specific portfolio

Peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a fee-only fiduciary that follows a legal obligation to put your best interest first

*We do not prepare taxes nor are we attorneys. We do work with your existing CPA/attorney or connect you with one that can help to address your tax or legal planning points.